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Prompt thingsies I’ll want to write but probably never will:

1.) Erik comes home late from work one day, and Charles does his best to help relieve some stress, which includes cooking in nothing but an apron and teasing Erik until the man can do nothing but throw him on the bed and fuck him six ways to Sunday. Massages are also a bonus. basically Charles is a cocktease because he loves to drive Erik mad.

2) Charles likes to talk walks around his apartment complex late at night when he gets caught up with homework and over stressed. Also, maybe, because he likes to lurk a little bit on the insomniac from A32 who sits on his patio/blacony at odd hours with headphones and a cigarette. One day he’ll muster up the courage to talk to him - preferably during daylight.

3) Charles has a drinking problem, except nobody even realizes that its a drinking problem because he’s a happy drunk. They don’t think about the times where he says ‘I’m a wee bit plastered, so I’m going to tuck in for the night,’ and returns to his room to work through his depressive states on his own. They only see the side of him that Charles lets them see, and apparently, Erik is the only one looking hard enough to realize that there is something legitimately wrong with Charles. Charles, who feels so alone sometimes that he doesn’t want to be sober, who is waiting for everyone to leave him, who is terrified to tell Erik that he loves him more than he’s loved anyone in his entire life.

4) So then there’s that typical SPN prompt thing in which Charles is a nobody professor, and his dead sister has been haunting him for so long that Charles doesn’t even care anymore. Well, not until her spirit starts to get violent, and he doesn’t know what to do, he’s scared. So, he calls Alex, an old friend who used to talk about ghosts and stuff, and Alex gives him Erik’s number.

5) Charles is an elementary school teacher and Erik is the socially retarded parent of Pietro and Wanda who’s totally in love with Charles, but all he does is stare at him (a very serious, intense stare) when he picks up his kids. He always regrets every time he leaves and realizes he hadn’t actually said more than three words to Charles. He can’t help it, he doesn’t deal with people, people are not what he gets paid to do. The only reason that he has Pietro and Wanda is because he was a stupid drunk teenager and Magda didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of them. (Maybe she wanted to abort and Erik said he would take the kids if she didn’t? He isn’t pro-life, but he secretly has always wanted kids and feels as if this will be his only chance?)
Also: his children are his only reason for living. He adores them and coddles them but nobody ever sees it except Emma/Raven/Alex/whoever you want.

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  1. ohteepeeh said: why would you do this?!!?give me all this feelings and then not writing it!?!!?
  2. steveycap said: ohgod please write number 4
  3. ladyveldy said: Omg. I want to read all the fanfictions from those prompts so badly.
  4. wolfbad said: Fucking auto correct! That should be Erik at the end there
  5. urstruly said: I feel like I’ve read something similar to 5, if you’re interested in RTYI links…I can probably send it to you via msn. But 2 sounds really cute too…
  6. raelynnmarie said: Ooh. I reallly like 2 and 4. And all of them. But especially those two.
  7. erikfuckinglehnsherr said: Ugh. I adore all of these prompts but the last one. ;____; Daddy!Erik is the cutest thing ever.
  8. emleachify said: you had me at the first one :O
  9. livekawaiiandprosper said: I love all these I hope maybe someday you’ll write at least some of them!
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