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Here you go my children, learn the actual facts before you go around blindly listening to whatever someone says, and acting on it. 

i feel dumb now. 

this is real shit, man. everyone needs to watch this.

Okay, all of this stuff is starting to explain why I had such bad vibes when this shit started to spread. All this sketchy stuff under the surface and they’re playing off of human empathy WHICH PISSES ME OFF SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

Please watch this, I highly advise it.


THANK YOU! people need to think a little bit more than they do and listen. we can’t just blindly follow all of these leaders who really don’t have our wellbeing in interest

I will openly admit I feel like a bit of a dick for falling into this whole thing so easily. Lesson learned for the next time I guess. Trust no bitch. Or bitches.

Explains a lot for sure.

The most my roomie and I got sucked into this was talking about the filmography and stuff like that.

posted 1:16 pm on Friday, March 9, 2012
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    fucking money feeding bullshit. this girl makes a whole lotta sense.
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    This is why I tend to dislike everything mainstream. This girl.
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    She looks kind of cross eyed to me … . Am i the only one?
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