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Charles pities the new mutant they’ve tossed into the pit, the man is handsome and lean, but he looks confused. Confusion is always what kills the new ones, that split second where you can’t clear your mind enough to prepare for an attack. It won’t be long before they choose who to bring out and the bets will start.

"Magneto," they call him, apparently, and Charles thinks that his powers are going to be utterly useless in a ring made mostly of dirt, wood, and bricks because those are things that are easier to replace than melted or warped steel.

Charles can’t help but step forward towards the arena from his cage, the light catching half of his face as he sends a tendril of thought out, just to warn this new contender that he’d better get ready - they want to send out Havoc as his first challenger, and if he wants to live, he’d better think quickly.

The new mutant must hear him, because his head snaps around and his eyes are searching for a source.

Charles steps back into the darkness of his cell, and watches.

posted 2:40 pm on Friday, March 9, 2012
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