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guys I don’t know what to do she won’t stop.

posted 4:07 pm on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 with 8 notes
  1. synekdokee said: You aunt is fucking unhinged.
  2. kadpunx88 said: Lmao your aunt is a total loon
  3. djfox31 said: She really has no right to treat you like that. I say the sooner you move out the better. If I lived near you, I’d offer my place. =( hope things tun out alright.
  4. buckyybae said: Oh my god are you okay!? Fuck, I wish I had a place of my own so you could stay with me. :( Your aunt has serious issues, jesus.
  5. callipygianflamingo said: I wish I could handle shit like that as calmly and maturely as you
  6. deimosluna said: girl, are they verbally abusive or physically? because i am so angry right now and maybe stay i a hotel/motel until you head to new york?
  7. remy-eclair said: Your aunt is a frigid bitch.
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